Gym Cookie is made to create an outlet of all the information I desire to give out. By “I”, I mean me, Dara Safe, the owner of this website. As I am determined to help and inspire others through giving advice and answers to their issues. The issues I aim to help people with can range from in the gym to self-improvement. With my past years of experience  playing sports, such as football, wrestling, and soccer. I clearly understand the principles of commitment and sacrifice in order to acquire success.

As of now, I sacrificed all my athletic potential to focus on powerlifting and understanding the progression of strength training. So far I achieved a state and national title for the 60kg weight class. The method that helped me most to achieve these titles, was gaining knowledge through other world class powerlifters online (YouTube is my best friend for this) and studying proven methods of gaining strength. Also, I can’t forget than learning from experiences was a major factor into developing knowledge.

I plan to post content regularly, and introduce featured writers as this website evolves.