You Will Never Be Enough If You Keep Thinking This Way

Recently, I have came to a realization that most people in the U.S. keep looking for more and more and more and more. They only focus on what they do not have and yearn to have it.

I’ll give you an example, lets say you make your first 100,000 dollars and you buy a house in a gated neighborhood. You worked so hard for the house and you thought that you need this house to be seen as “higher-class”. Well, now your neighbor in the gated community has a million dollars. So you don’t feel like you are accepted into the “million dollar club”, so you thrive to make a million dollars so you can be on the neighbor’s level. Then you get to a million, and now you have friends with multi-millions of dollars. So this example shows that you will never have enough, you keep wanting more by comparing yourself to others. And allow me to tell you that there will always be someone out there with more than you already have. You will never be content with yourself if all you seek is more. You must address the inner issue first to be fully secure with yourself, no matter how much you have.

This applies to many things.

-Personally, I lift weights and many of my friends in the gym that look very lean or are notably strong, deny what they have. They do not think they are shredded enough, or they do not think that they are strong enough. Even though this mentality may keep them working to achieve more, in retrospect, they will never have enough even if they are as shredded or strong as they ever will be. Until they accept that they are awesome just the way they are, and until they look at themselves in the mirror and feel love.

-Many rappers think that having a golden grill or diamond chain is cool, but there are some people with a single piece of artwork that costs more than everything they own combined. This goes to show that if you look for self-value in money that you will never be happy with yourself because you will never win, someone will always have more, money doesn’t create happiness, you do.

-In addition, I would like to mention that many beautiful women, on one level are more secure with themselves because they know they look better than many people, but they still continue to compare themselves to other beautiful women, they see themselves below others in many ways, even if its all rooted within one physical insecurity. So if you think that looks are all that matters and no one sees you for your character or personality, please stop feeling bad for yourself, because no one cares about the way you look. And if they do care then own it by being yourself.

RSDTyler, a YouTuber I have been watching recently, explained that “you are already awesome, but you are on your journey to becoming even more awesome.” This mentality will allow you to accept yourself in the moment, as well as keep you progressing and working to developing yourself. So accept yourself and become more secure, by ending the comparison game. The real problem is that you are bashing your own glory down by roasting yourself, through finding the flaws in yourself and your life. ACCEPT THAT YOU WILL NEVER BE PERFECT. Instead, embrace your insecurities, stop taking yourself so seriously, and be able to laugh at your deepest insecurities the way other people will laugh at them, because only at that moment you will truly accept your true self. You do not need anything else but yourself to be happy.
So eliminate the jealousy, anger, and resentment in your life, and be able to live happily.

You are enough just the way you are

Credits: Tyler’s #1 Secret To Beat ALL Insecurities – Looks, Money, Height – And Start Loving Life

P.S. The video linked in the credits section is life changing

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