Do you really have Faith?

Faith is a state of mind through which you believe and visualize attaining a desire

Faith has the ability to transform an ordinary thought created by a finite mind, into a spiritual equivalent. In other words, faith is the premise of “miracles”, or provides the power and influenced action to thoughts.

Many people believing in a religion, specifically Christianity, are very familiar with having faith in a specific teaching or dogma, but many of them don’t even understand or practice faith. Even though I do not identify with a religion, and choose to believe in the overwhelming evidence science brings, I still am aware on how to have faith and how it is induced.
Explaining the idea of faith is quite difficult, almost like describing a color to a blind man, it is something you must experience yourself to understand.

Moreover on Faith. To come to a belief it requires repetition of an idea, true or false, over and over in one’s mind. If you keep repeating a lie in your head, you will eventually believe the lie you kept telling yourself as true. The dominating thoughts that are repeatedly placed in your mind mixed with will-power and emotion creates the motivation on acting upon your thoughts. Which makes and influences your character as a person. This is the power of self-suggestion, which induces the state of faith.

self-induced suggestion in which individuals guide their own thoughts, feelings, or behavior. –Wikipedia (more on this here)

All of us have had our times of helplessness or failure, but it is up to your faith to either help you surpass that time, or let it consume you and cause you to give up. You must put in a sustained effort to encourage your faith, it is just a matter of being persistent and resilient. Keep a mindset that is prepared for failure and ready to do whatever it takes to reach your desire.

“Whatever it takes, god dammit!” –Rich Piana

RIP Rich Piana 8/25/2017

Credits: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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