Why exercise is similar to meditation?

CommonMeditationMyths800x533Meditation, you mean not thinking? How is that possible? Well its quite simple, it just takes deep focus in your present moment of time, and by being purely aware. For example, something as simple as deep breathing or repetition of a word (such as ohm) can put you in a meditative state.

Exercise can be represented as a form of meditation, or more specifically being mindful, which is a key aspect during meditation

Lets begin with the 3 fundamental principles of meditation.

  1. Keep a static mind through being at peace in the present moment,  meaning not recollecting thoughts of the past, nor calculating thoughts for the future.
  2. Focusing on a specific thing like body sensations, while not wandering your mind
  3.  Be the observer of your thoughts. Do not attach yourself to your thoughts, since as human beings we are programmed to be technical, by thinking on your situation

Essentially,  mindfulness can be used to describe when you are fully focused on the present moment and  remain calm of the circumstance in the moment. With that, exercise is known as one of the most effective stress relievers. Implying that mindfulness is apart of exercise, that can explain that the action of being mindful can help increase general happiness . Science suggests that exercise can help brain function, disease prevention,  and sleep quality. Whether your form of exercise is cardio, weight training, or yoga, it can help drive you to a better you. Just as meditation keeps you mentally and physically healthy. Even though, they may seem like totally different activities, since meditation is peaceful and energizing to the mind, while exercise can be intense and tiring on the body. They both withhold the similar aspect of being in the moment, while focusing on breathing pattern.

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