The fix to hips shooting up first during the deadlift

At last, the answer to your deadlift problems



Hips shooting up during the deadlift is very common, whether deadlift style is sumo or

conventional, this problem lies within the initiation of the pull. However, this issue can

lead to injury in glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. This comes from experience, as

I had the tendency to yank on the bar to start the pull, making my hips rise while my

lower back and hamstrings did most of the work. Avoiding to solve the issue, I

continued this horrible deadlift method, and since there was no activation of my

glutes or hamstrings before pulling, the tightness of hamstrings put a lot of stress on the

glutes that I resulted in a glute strain. The problem is most exposed when weight gets

heavier for the lifter. First, check your form, make sure you are in your strongest

position to get more meaningful leg drive. If you are a conventional deadlifter, make

sure you are sitting back with shoulders perpendicular to the bar before starting the

pull. For sumo, you do not want to be leaning forward too much, as putting leverage

behind the bar is best, a good cue is to keep hips as close to the bar as you force the knees

pushing out throughout the duration of the lift. Also, toes should be pointing outward,

while knees are above ankles. Secondly, this could be a mobility issue, if hips are too

tight the starting position will be hard to get into, causing positioning to be off during

initiation. In addition, the tightness of hips will create lack of activation in hamstrings

and glutes. Lastly, and what helped me get through this problem best, strengthen hip

flexors, this can be done through mobility and isolation movements. Before the fix,

the hip flexors couldn’t withstand the weight, causing hips to instantly shoot up, but

through continuous hip flexor exercise it created a balance of the anterior and posteior

of hip so the initiation is one complete motion.

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